Brunswick Revisited Launch

Brunswick Revisited: Reflections on the Past
Curated by: Sarah Rood and Lucy Bracey
When: 20 January – 19 February 2012
Where: Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Town Hall

In December 2011, Way Back When was commissioned to curate an exhibition for the Counihan Gallery around a collection of incredible glass lantern slides created in the 1939 in celebration of Brunswick’s centenary. This collection of over 300 glass slides was created by local residents, led by Councillor CAJ Dollman. The collection itself has an interesting history, disappearing shortly before WWII and not reappearing until almost 60 years later. It presents a fascinating insight into the social and civic life of Brunswick at the time and is an important historical record – as much as for what it leaves out as well as what it represents.

The exhibition displayed these amazing slides in a modern format (digital projection) aimed at mirroring what would have been the intended display (lantern projector). A selection of original slides was also displayed in a lightbox to show the actual size and intricate detail. In keeping with the civic spirit of the collection, the exhibition was launched by Cr Lambros Tapinos. The collection of slides is now held by the Moreland City Council.  

The highlight of working on this collection for me personally was the opportunity to work with such beautiful slides. I've always been keenly interested in art, so this was the perfect blend between art and history.

Lucy Bracey