Website relaunch!

It is quite difficult to believe how much things have changed since we first launched the Way Back When website. It really wasn't that long ago in the scheme of things. But, over the past few months as we have worked on the content and design of our new site, it has become apparent just how much things have changed. From the type of work we do to the people in the Way Back When team, very little has stayed the same. So with that, welcome to the new Way Back When website! It is with much pleasure that we reintroduce Way Back When to you. Special thanks to the talented Catherine Forge for her stunning photography, expert web design and construction, and for taking so much care with our baby.

As we prepared to launch the new site I was looking at our old 'home' page comparing it to our new one. It occurred to me just how much has changed. A before and after shot that in many ways highlights the Way Back When journey. But then it also occurred to me that there is a thread of continuity that will always remain, regardless of how quickly time and technology continue to march. Giving voice to the past creatively and collaboratively continues to motivate us as much as ever. It is and always will be the essence of Way Back When.

Sarah Rood