Historians on the airwaves

Way Back When has had a lot of experience working in oral history and interviewing people about their lives and memories. In nearly all the commissioned projects we work on, we use oral histories to complement our research. We sometimes turn those interviews into short audio documentaries or digital stories to provide another gateway into the history. We've also produced a number of radio documentaries, some for ABC's Hindsight history show (links can be found here). So when fellow professional historian Nicole Curby contacted us to be interviewed for her radio show, a summer history series on 3CR, we were excited to help out.

Last week, Katherine and I went down to the 3CR studios in Collingwood to talk about working on the history of the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre. It wasn't until we were in the studio and found ourselves on the other side of the microphone that we actually started to feel nervous and realised how intimidating it can be to be interviewed. It was an interesting experience for both Katherine and I and it certainly gave us insight into how out of control it can feel to be an interviewee. Nicole expertly handled the situation, asking insightful and guiding questions. The show she created from our two hours of interviews, in just two short days, is impressive, as is the entire summer series Nicole produced. After the whole experience, I'll certainly understand more about how our interviewees feel the next time I've got the headphones on. 

You can listen to the show here.

Lucy Bracey