City of Melton History Project

As the City of Melton celebrates its sesquicentenary, the council has commissioned a commemorative history of the local area, which comprises the present municipality. The history is to be presented as a high-quality book that provides an historical overview in an accessible and readable manner. As well as researching archives and local history collections, this project involves a community engagement component, bringing local and relevant personal stories into the publication to create a sense of community connection and belonging.

Emmy Monash Aged Care Presidents Lounge

Emmy Monash Aged Care is looking to profile and acknowledge its past presidents in a meaningful way by creating a permanent lounge space in which their contributions to the organisation can be recognised and celebrated. Way Back When is working with Emmy Monash to create a display of panels that profile each of the past presidents of Emmy Monash and the major developments of each presidential era. 

Bialik College Archives

Way Back When is working with Bialik College to organise and digitise the school's archival collection, the Laura Kipen Memorial Archive, and create an online archive via Victorian Collections.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Oral History Project

Way Back When is currently undertaking an oral history project with current and former staff members of The Royal Melbourne Hospital. The project will document and capture the memories of the working life and experiences of longstanding and senior staff through oral history recordings. Around 35 interviews will be carried out over the course of the project, supplementing the archival records and providing insight and knowledge not recorded in the official written records.

Springthorpe and La Trobe Local History Project

Springthorpe is a small suburb in Melbourne’s north that has a rich and dynamic history. The Springthorpe and La Trobe Local History Project is centred around engaging with the local community to research and celebrate this history. Way Back When is currently working with the community to guide them through the process of undertaking oral histories, primary and secondary research, gathering images and writing content for a website that will celebrate the history of Springthorpe and be an ongoing hub for community-undertaken research.

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Oral History Project

The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens is a not-for-profit association established to provide support and assistance to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. In 2017, the group celebrated its 35-year anniversary. This significant milestone, together with the recent passing of the first convenor of the group and other influential early members, inspired the Friends to undertake an oral history project to interview those who played a significant role in the creation and evolution of the association in its first decade. Way Back When is now working with the Friends to share these stories with its members and the wider public by creating a series of engaging profiles and multimedia narratives.

Yarra Ranges Regional Museum: Melba's Gift Book

In 2017, Way Back When was commissioned by the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum (YRRM) to conduct background research into this fascinating publication to inform an upcoming exhibition 'Charity: Melba's Gift Book of Australian Art & Literature', which opened in October 2017. Way Back When is currently working with YRRM on two publications, a souvenir booklet and a journal article, which will draw on the content of the research gathered for the exhibition.

Veterans Heritage Program

With the support of the Veterans Branch of the Victorian State Government, Museums Australia (Victoria) – MA (Vic) – is engaged in a multi-faceted Veterans Heritage Program. Part of this program is to develop and deliver a series of oral history workshops for ex-service organisations that will enable ten Victorian ex-service organisations to conduct oral histories within their communities. Way Back When is working with MA (Vic) on this exciting project.

Kew Senior Citizens history

Kew Senior Citizens has a long and celebrated history. Since its establishment 65 years ago, the club has provided a place for seniors to gather, socialise and recharge. Providing meals and activities, senior citizens centres are an integral part of healthy communities, and Kew Senior Citizens is no exception. With strong links to the Boroondara community, the history of Kew Senior Citizens is a story of community that charts the development of Kew and the surrounding suburbs. To celebrate 65 years of operation, a book charting the history, highlighting changes over time and incorporating the involvement of key individuals who have contributed to the establishment and progress of the club and its community, will be produced.

Through Younger Eyes: Anzac Centenary

Through Younger Eyes is an Anzac Centenary-funded project that explores the lives of Geelong residents who were affected and forever altered by World War I, through the eyes of young Geelong locals today. Way Back When is working with Scouts, Guides and young actors from Geelong to research and produce a series of soundscapes that explore some of the events, themes and issues associated with World War I on both the battle and home fronts. The first of these soundscapes was installed in the Johnstone Park Peace Memorial for Anzac Day 2017 and Geelong After Dark 2017.

Royal Children's Hospital Significance Assessment and Collection Policy Development

After undertaking a Heritage Interpretation Strategy and plan in 2015 with Context and Way Back When, The Royal Children’s Hospital is moving towards implementing some of the recommendations made in the final document. The first of these is a Significance Assessment and Collection Policy Development. Way Back When is currently working with Context on this project – delving once again into the remarkable collection, assessing its significance and working with the hospital to develop policies that will enable greater access.


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Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Oral History Project

Way Back When is currently working with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) to develop a comprehensive oral history collection for the RASV archive. Over 50 oral history interviews have so far been undertaken with individuals who have been involved in various aspects of the RASV and, more specifically, the Royal Melbourne Show. The resulting collection will record their valuable contribution and celebrate the dynamic history of this strong and unique community.