Understanding the Past

 Why history?

Understanding the past gives meaning to the present and plays an important role in the community. Engaging with the past fosters a sense of cultural ownership, empowerment, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and heritage. A strong sense of the past results in a heightened sense of present community and shared culture, and often provides directions for the future.

It is our job as professional historians to help communities, families and individuals engage with the past.

Why employ a professional historian? 

There are many reasons to employ a professional historian. Our skills and experience are wide and varied.

All members of Way Back When are highly qualified, having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Public History at Monash University. Through our years of experience working as professional historians, we have developed strong expertise across a broad range of fields, from heritage to oral history.

All members of Way Back When are connected with the professional history community, through which we maintain our professional development and stay up-to-date with advancements in technology and new ways of presenting history.

Way Back When is a creative, passionate and unique team of professional historians. We bring together our diverse skills, experience and ideas on every project. As experienced project managers, we can manage a project from beginning to end and take care of the small details, including liaison with archivists and designers.

What forms can history take?

History can be presented in just about as many different ways as it can be interpreted. Exhibitions, publications, websites, commemorative plaques, interpretive panels, walking tours, audio documentaries and eBooks are just some examples of how history can be communicated.

Way Back When can produce history in a wide variety of forms. A selection of our work can be found under:



Work in progress



Commissioned Histories



Oral History