Melbourne Cricket Club

The Melbourne Cricket Club has a rich and important history and Way Back When have been engaged to capture some of this history through a series of oral history interviews to add to the MCC archive collection.

Gold Story website pilot

Working with Visit Ballarat and Avenue Design team, Way Back When have been engaged to produce the content for a pilot website that tells the story of gold and its impact on the City of Ballarat.

World War I children’s book, City of Boroondara

Way Back When is working with the City of Boroondara to produce a fully illustrated book aimed for children that explores the story and impact of the First World War on the people and places of the City of Boroondara. Research and inspiration for this book comes from our previous book Boroondara Remembers: Stories of World War I published in 2015.

City of Port Phillip Thematic Environmental History

The City of Port Phillip is undertaking a strategic heritage program to review and update the Port Phillip Heritage Review (PPHR), which was completed in 1998. Way Back When is working with the City of Port Phillip on a comprehensive review of the municipality’s Thematic Environmental History. A proposed new thematic framework was developed and tested through community consultation, and completed in May 2019. Way Back When is now working with the city of Port Phillip on a new Thematic Environment History based on the approved framework.

St Mary's College Oral History Project

St Mary's College at the University of Melbourne celebrates its centenary in 2018 and has chosen to commemorate this milestone by undertaking an oral history project to record the memories and experiences of key people who have been involved with the college over its history, including past and present staff, students, scholars and Loreto Sisters. Around 50 interviews will be conducted, and will be an important addition to the archival collection of St Mary's College, providing an invaluable resource for future projects. 

Trinity College Oral History Project

As part of preparations for its 150th anniversary in 2022, Trinity College at the University of Melbourne has engaged Way Back When to undertake ten oral history interviews with former residents and staff. The interviews will enrich the existing archival records of Trinity College and provide insight into the varied memories and experiences of key people who have been involved with the college over its history.

Burnet Institute Oral History Project

The Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health was established in the late 1950s at Fairfield Hospital and has developed today into a world-renowned research centre. This oral history project will capture the memories and stories of people with a significant association with the Burnet Institute, including current and former staff, board members, donors, supporters and beneficiaries, to document the history of the institute and its contributions to global health.

Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania History Project

Way Back When is working with the Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania to produce a richly illustrated book sharing stories of food, culture, migration and community relating to the Association and to Ukrainian people in Tasmania. The book will celebrate the rich history of Ukrainian culture and tradition in Tasmania, that the community continues to actively preserve, promote and share today.

E.W. Cole Research Project

Members of the family of E.W. Cole have commissioned Way Back When to research the life of E.W. Cole (of Cole's Book Arcade fame), from his arrival in Australia in 1852 to his death in 1918 and his impact on Australian literature and education up to the present day. This research will be used in the production of a comprehensive biography of this remarkable man, who left a permanent mark on the social, economic and intellectual history of Melbourne.

Bialik College Archives

Way Back When is working with Bialik College to organise and digitise the school's archival collection, the Laura Kipen Memorial Archive, and create an online archive via Victorian Collections.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Oral History Project

Way Back When is currently undertaking an oral history project with current and former staff members of The Royal Melbourne Hospital. The project will document and capture the memories of the working life and experiences of longstanding and senior staff through oral history recordings. Around 35 interviews will be carried out over the course of the project, supplementing the archival records and providing insight and knowledge not recorded in the official written records.

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Oral History Project

The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens is a not-for-profit association established to provide support and assistance to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. In 2017, the group celebrated its 35-year anniversary. This significant milestone, together with the recent passing of the first convenor of the group and other influential early members, inspired the Friends to undertake an oral history project to interview those who played a significant role in the creation and evolution of the association in its first decade. Way Back When is now working with the Friends to share these stories with its members and the wider public by creating a series of engaging profiles and multimedia narratives.

Australian Garden History Society Oral History Project

The Australian Garden History Society was formed in 1980 to bring together people from diverse backgrounds united by an appreciation of and concern for our parks, gardens and cultural landscapes as part of Australia’s heritage. Ahead of the Society’s 40th anniversary in 2020, the Victorian branch has commissioned a series of oral history interviews to document the lived experiences and recollections of individuals who have been critical to the Society and to the history of gardens in Victoria.

Royal Children’s Hospital Oral History Project

Way Back When is working with the Royal Children’s Hospital to assess its existing oral history collection and provide training for digitisation and transcription of interviews. Additional oral history interviews will also be conducted, to continue to build on the RCH Archive’s collection.

Kew Senior Citizens history

Kew Senior Citizens has a long and celebrated history. Since its establishment 65 years ago, the club has provided a place for seniors to gather, socialise and recharge. Providing meals and activities, senior citizens centres are an integral part of healthy communities, and Kew Senior Citizens is no exception. With strong links to the Boroondara community, the history of Kew Senior Citizens is a story of community that charts the development of Kew and the surrounding suburbs. To celebrate 65 years of operation, a book charting the history, highlighting changes over time and incorporating the involvement of key individuals who have contributed to the establishment and progress of the club and its community, will be produced.

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Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Oral History Project

Way Back When is currently working with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) to develop a comprehensive oral history collection for the RASV archive. Over 50 oral history interviews have so far been undertaken with individuals who have been involved in various aspects of the RASV and, more specifically, the Royal Melbourne Show. The resulting collection will record their valuable contribution and celebrate the dynamic history of this strong and unique community.